Crazy opportunities

I think that working at a camp brings a lot of opportunities that I would not otherwise have. It has something to do with meeting lots of people I think. So, this weekend I will be flying to San Antonio Texas to start working on a video for a fund raising event for a ministry called Grace House. This one is going to be crazy because it is long distance, and there is not a lot of time to get it all done. But it will be fun, and I get to travel a bit. The second opportunity that has come up is the possibility of doing some “teaching” at Grove A-schools in graphic design. Basically they are looking for a grant to do some graphic design instruction with their students. If they get the grant I will be doing 10 or so 4 hours classes with them over a semester, as well as some time here at the Ranch on the challenge course. I am excited about the idea of all of this…we will have to see how it turns out!

How did Beth start her morning?

1. A chocolate orange latte (with extra orange flavoring)

2. Kirk Franklin’s “Revolution” revolution.jpg

Why I love these 2 things:

While I used to strictly be a fan of the raspberry mocha (like since college days)….I tried the chocolate-orange combination one day and have never gone back. (except for when I make them at home b/c I only have raspberry syrup, not orange….yet.) And here is how my conversation with the lovely barista went this morning.

Her: “You know, we don’t have many chocolate-orange drinkers, but the ones that do, they hardly ever get anything else.”

Me: “I used to only get the raspberry mochas, but since I tried this, I don’t think I have ordered anything else since!”

Now, maybe this means I need to get out of my rut….. but I’d rather focus on the fact that I am not alone in my chocolate-orange obsession. thankyouverymuch.

Now, Mr. Franklin…..I know it’s way old school…..and I’m probably an even bigger dork for this one, but I LOVE this song! It’s what I run to (when I actually run)….I use it on my computer at work when I need a good kick to get busy working…..what can I say? It’s motivating…… Have you listened to it lately? Maybe you need to. J


It’s week8 at camp! The last week is always exciting, and hard at the same time. Be praying for our staff as they are tired and have been working hard all summer. I am kind of ready for summer to be over so I can start working on some big long term projects instead of lots of little stuff.  Here is a quick little picture tour of summer camp at NLR for those of you who have never come to visit.






Photo credit goes to Monica.


Recently I have started developing more of an interest in marketing. I think it is very interesting to try and understand how all the aspects of a business play into the success or failure of your product and your brand, and trying to understand how to leverage these things to your business advantage. In the end though I think it is very odd that I am interested in this kind of stuff because I tend to be kind of anti-media, anti-consumerism, and anti-stuff you don’t need. But at the same time I see a lot of power in the market place as a way to influence for good, and if you are going to use the economy we live in for good you have to understand it.

And in other news….we sold the Rodeo last night. I hope the new owners enjoy it!

Email Subscription

I added email subscription to the blog. Just fill in your email address (the form is in the sidebar to the right. You may have to scroll down some). After completing the confirmation you will begin receiving a notification email whenever we make a new post to this blog. If you have any problems with the system (as in…it doesn’t work…) let us know.

Picture Perfect

Hope House

One of my good friends from college, Katy, got married this past weekend. It’s a beautiful thing to see a close friend marry a person that is so perfect for them. It was a great wedding, and I had a really great time visiting with old college friends.

Some highlights:

-dinner at the Melting Pot

-a princess dress…

-a glowing bride…

-her perfect groom…

-fun riding around St. Louis in a limo…

-riding around on a carousel…


-arriving at Steak & Shake in the limo and dining on burgers, fries & shakes like we weren’t wearing wedding gowns and tuxes and bridesmaid dresses…but we were…and it was great.

-watching Brandy and Danielle FIGHT for the boquet…

 bouquet toss

“Secret Ambition”

I read a little passage in Relevant Magazine:

Your educated, your well-read, you’re postmodern – and you speak negatively of everything. Big shocker. Welcome to the elite everybody. There are literally dozens of reasons not to do any given thing. If you obsess hard enough, I’m quite certain you can devalue another’s career, the Church throughout history, fans of Michael W. Smith, the Bible, and your mother’s claim to have birthed you, but that doesn’t make anything you do productive. You have been placed on this planet to add something. Expend some energy on that. Yes, the world needs critics in order to expel as much hot air as the rest of us need to breathe, but a lifestyle of criticism will lead absolutely nowhere. If you disagree with the way something has been done in history, how about attempting to change a new way instead of knocking down those attempting the old? And here’s a buzzword for you: perspective. As in, yours isn’t the only one. Believe me, in its day Smitty’s “Secret Ambition” rocked the Casbah.

I so often find myself drifting into a critical mindset. I hope that I will be somebody who changes things, and that I will not be somebody who is critical and devaluing of people…from the waiter at the restaurant (no matter if they do a good job or a poor job), to the president of the world (whoever that is…) I hope I lift them up and am positive in their life, in public and in private. And I still like “Secret Ambition”.

Picture Me Studio

I went to the ribbon cutting of Picture Me Studio today. Picture Me Studio is a new photography studio in Siloam Springs owned by some friends of ours. If you live in Siloam and have a chance you should check it out. The studio is next to Radio Shack, and is a part of Color Mate.

Show Me Your Glory

So I was driving to work this morning, listening to the song by Third Day, “Show Me Your Glory.” And as I was praying that phrase….Lord, show me your glory today…Thursday…..I’ll be going to a funeral in a few hours… me Your Glory this morning as I prepare for my day. And He did!

Just as I was coming up the hill from camp, God showed me that He IS there….and He DOES listen. And it was beautiful…..a beautiful deer emerging from the woods on one side of the road and disappearing back into them on the other. Beautiful. Cause I think that maybe, just maybe that deer could have been sent just for me.

thanks, God.