So Monday was full of firsts for me…..

First X-rays
First CT scan
First IV
First ER visit
First wheelchair ride

I am trying to pass a kidney stone. And while I am no longer in pain at the moment (thanks to some mighty fine drugs) I am resigned to sitting at home, drinking a LOT of water, and waiting every time I use the restroom to see if this tiny 2-3 mm stone has come up yet.

I’ll keep you posted.


Because of my before mentioned interest in marketing I read a blog by Seth Godin. He had a post the other day about how “more and more, we buy stuff where the buying is the point, not the stuff.” I think that is why I don’t like malls at all….malls are all about buying stuff we don’t need, the point becomes the buying, not finding quality solutions to real needs and problems. Any way, Seth’s post is a short read and kind of funny.

Mountain Biking

I like to mountain bike (although, I have to say, there are not very many mountains around here to bike on). But recently I have been having some bad luck. It all started with a flat tire. I was riding down this really rocky hill (it’s kind of like a mountain) and my tire got a big hole in the sidewall. So I fixed it with duct tape. But I am told that is really dangerous because someday the tube will push through the tape and pop, most likely while you are going down the side of a really tall mountain. So now I am always wondering if this will be the time that the tire pops. Then, in an effort to challenge myself I decide to ride down another very rocky hill and crashed. Then a week later I crashed again and bent the front wheel on my bike. And last week I was riding along and my front tire kicked up a big stick that hit me in the chest, which kind of hurt. That’s my story. Ill let you know if my tire pops and throws me off of a mountain.

Pictures from our trip to NM, TX, & CO

In no order…


A flower….


Beth’s cousin…


Beth’s other cousin…


On the river walk in San Antonio…


We all made these cool stepping stones for my grandparents garden (Daniels is the very left one, ours is not in this picture)…


My cousins.

A Good Trip…

So much for frequent updates…

We just got back from a week long trip to New Mexico, Colorado, and Texas. It was a really good time away from normal life and doing something different for a while. The main reason for the trip was my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary. We had a big family reunion kind of thing also, There were about 30 of us, including all my aunts, uncles, and cousins on my Dad’s side of the family. It was really good to see all of my family, particularly those that I don’t get to see very often. Beth finally got to meet everybody, I got to play soccer with my cousins…it was a good time. (by the way, if you’re interested in going on a little cruise check out my aunt and uncle’s little business they have at

We made a little side trip up to Denver to visit my brother and some of Beth’s family. Daniel is doing well, it was fun to see his apartment, and get to hang out with him for a while. We didn’t really get to spend any time in the mountains…next time…

Then on to San Antonio and Grace House. The dinner for Grace House went really well. They had around 600 people who came, and they made a lot of really good connections with people for the future, as well as raising a good amount of money for their new place. It was an honor to help out in some small way with the ministry they have. I spent the night doing tech stuff, and Beth helped out with registration and stuff like that.

We got to spend Friday as tourists. We went to the San Antonio Art Museum, the river walk, ate good food, hung out with fun people (including the very funny Kathy Law), and had a really good time….

Now its back to work….Ill get some pictures up sometime for you to see of our trip.

the LOVE house

I spent the holiday weekend with 5 amazing ladies – LOVE house ladies.

The LOVE house is a place I lived my last semester at Truman. We lived in this big white 2 story house a block off campus. It was called the LOVE house because that’s what our phone # spelled…. l-o-v-e. (you know, like 555-LOVE). It was one of the best semesters I had in college.

So those of us who lived in that house (with the exception of 2 very missed roomies) met in St. Louis and rented a hotel room. Some highlights of the trip were:

lots of laughing….
Mad About You…
hot tub time…
eating…..a lot.
spending an afternoon at a winery…
and best of all – “what’s really going on” sharing time.

It is a great thing to have friends who you feel safe with. Knowing they won’t judge…but love.

Thanks, ladies.


Praising the Protector

Many of you know that my brother is a Marine, serving in Iraq.  Last week he was injured when the vehicle he was driving was hit with a roadside bomb.  He seems to only have suffered a concussion, and is back with his unit already.


Join us as we praise God for his protection, and the protection of the other guy in his vehicle.  And please continue praying for his safety.  He is scheduled to return to the states in October.

on turning 26…..

So I had a birthday last week….and although Ben was out of town, it was a really great birthday. I turned 26, and to celebrate, I made curtains…and watched girly movies…it was great. And on my actual birthday, I felt loved and appreciated….which is what everyone should get on their birthday.

What’s a little strange to me was that turning 25 was pretty hard on me……really hard. (I kept saying that I was ‘practically 30.’)……but 26 was just no big deal…..just another year. Of course, I did just get an e-mail asking for my info because someone is getting things together for my 10 year high school reunion. Now that’s crazy. Hopefully I’ll finish graduate school by then. (It isn’t until 2008 for goodness sake!)

In other news…..we saw Shane & Shane last night. For free. In Siloam Springs. It was awesome. They’re such real, genuinely uninterested in fame guys…..they weren’t introduced (just started playing)….they played 3 songs back to back (so we couldn’t applaud between each one –in my opinion)…..and then ended with ‘O Come Let Us Adore Him,’ which they asked all of us to sing along to……then they just stopped playing before the song “ended” and we all just kept singing to finish it. That was it….no encore, no “hey look at us, we’re awesome”…..just giving it all back to the Lord. It was cool.