Year in Review

Wondering how we’d sum up our 2010? How about a list?

We’re still enjoying the city life in Tulsa.

Ben started taking pottery classes. He really likes it!

We hosted some house concerts at our place. Jared Hard & Sara Swenson. You need to check both of them out right now.

(and while you’re at it go download some free music from Cass Harris.
We think all of these musicians are excellent & want as many people to know about them
[& fall in love with them] as possible.)

I (Beth) developed a perfectly normal (Ben calls it unhealthy) fondness for Topeca Coffee.
You need to check them out right now too.

In July we joined the rest of the family in Albuquerque to celebrate the life of Ben’s grandpa Troy.
A great man who lived & left a legacy of love & faith.

We went to a really amazing place called Dry Bones Denver in August.
We spent a week backpacking & delving deep into the city & getting to know the homeless youth
that Dry Bones does a great job loving & serving.
It was challenging on many levels & really wonderful at the same time.

I (Beth) turned 30!

(and now!)

In September we celebrated 7 really great years of marriage.
(There I am with coffee again…)

My friend, Leah, & I were accepted as vendors in the Indie Emporium.
We had so much fun & are making plans for more craft shows this Spring!  This is us at our booth. Stay tuned!

To really celebrate turning 30 I (Beth) went on a cruise with some really wonderful friends.
(That’s me in the floppy hat.)

And we closed out the year with the annual Ugly Sweater Party.
I didn’t get any pictures of the both of us, so this will have to suffice.

I am missing some important events, I’m sure. Like how Ben has started to freelance graphic design jobs. That’s been really cool. We’ve traveled some, eaten well, and have been enjoying where we are right now. It was a really great year, and we feel blessed to be where we are. And we are grateful for those that surround us.


Greg, the pastor at Garnett Church of Christ, is headed to Uganda with his family, part of what they will be doing is taking a well kit from We have talked about on a little bit before. They are an organization that is doing some really innovative work in water wells. If you have any interest at all in providing clean water to the developing world you should check out their web site. It’r really cool to see how God has brought several people an organizations together to make all the right connections to make it possible for the Taylors to bring a well kit to Uganda.  Check out this sort video explaining the kit and why they are willing to carry it half way around the world: