email subscriptions

For those of you that subscribe to our blog by email, do you get three or four emails every time we post? I think there might be something wrong with the plug in, so im just trying to track it down.



Lots of our friends here at camp have been getting sick, and seem to be passing the bug around to each other. It hit our house this weekend. Ben has been feverish all day & I’ve been trying to be a good wife & take care of him. So far today, in between bringing him fluids & making him soup for lunch I’ve had approximately 30 minutes worth of productivity.  All day. I woke up at 10:30, took an hour nap this afternoon & have been drinking juice & eating crackers. And I don’t even feel bad!

But sometimes lazy days are nice. And so is warm weather-which I think will be gracing us with it’s presence later this week.  Here’s hoping Ben’s fever breaks soon…

World Leaders

Do world leaders ever play practical jokes on each other? I mean, does Obama ever send the secret service over to England to cover Gordon Brown’s office with post-it notes?