giving thanks: 21

Today I am thankful for unexpected gifts.
We received a gift card in the mail today from someone that has just been thinking & praying for us. It is a blessing, and we are QUITE thankful!!! 🙂 Thanks, guys!

giving thanks: 8

Today I am thankful for Waterdeep & seeing old friends from camp.

We went to a Waterdeep show tonight & they just put on some really fun shows. I appreciate that they just have fun up on stage, and don’t worry about being super-professional in their performances. It’s refreshing. Plus, they played 2 of my favorite songs…”Both of Us Will Feel The Blast” & “Good Good End.”

And seeing old friends is always a blessing.

giving thanks: 1-4

I’ve decided to take each day of November and say what I am thankful for. (And since it’s already the 4th, I’ll pick 4 things today.)

1. I’m thankful that we moved to Tulsa. Our lives are different than they were before. And I’m grateful that we took this step.

2. I’m thankful that I get to spend each day with my husband. I know it won’t always be like this, us getting to spend the majority of our days together, but I’m grateful that we’re in a place where we can do that right now. He’s pretty great & I like spending my days with him, working together.

3. I’m thankful for this.calendar It just arrived in the mail & it makes me VERY happy.

4. I’m thankful for my mom. 8123_1136938144323_1253443084_30333904_2625350_s

Today is her birthday & I think she’s pretty great. She’s strong, kind, a hard worker, she loves her family, and she loves me no matter what I do or don’t do.  I love her for that. You can call her Hodaka Debbie. She also makes a mean pair of ruby slippers.

Why blog?

I have to admit that sometimes im not sure what the point of this blog is (as you can tell by the lack of posts). So…what kind of stuff would you want us to post? Talking about us all the time is kind of boring…but it is….

email subscribers

For those of you that subscribe to this blog by email, i just wanted to let you know that im going to turn those emails off. The plugin is basically broken…so its kind of pointless any way.

A meal in the life….

Dinner tonight = chips & salsa, edamame, a slice of leftover cheesy bread & a Jones Cream Soda. And the Mealtime entertainment: Summer Staff 2002 video.

Wide Open

Our friend Cass just released a new album called Wide Open. It is a compoloation of all the theme songs from NLR from 2001 – 2009. It sounds really good…and you can buy it at the NLR store.


Staff Training

We are right in the middle of staff training…just staying busy getting ready Summer Camp. I have three great summer staff working for me. Our big goal as a team is to help parents and campers have an inside view of Summer Camp with pictures, video, blog posts, etc. Hopefully it will be a good way to keep people connected to the ranch. Beth is getting registrations and the canteen ready for camp. Any way…camps coming!

And it Begins

It feels like summer! Summer Staff started coming in today for ropes training. It makes it feel like Summer Camp. They bring a lot of energy, the dinning hall is a little more crowded and a little louder. In all truth Summer Camp brings some mixed feeling. It’s an exciting time of the year, there is tons going on, we get to see God working in tons of kids lives. But it also means that there is a lot to do in the next 3 weeks getting ready….and then it is non stop for the next 9 weeks or so. Staff training starts next week, and Summer Camp right after that. We covet your prayers as we prepare for the summer, and for the Ranch, counselors, campers and leadership as we minister to kids for the next 4 months!