We have not posted in a while. But there is a good reason. This is the 200th post on this blog. We thought the 200th post deserved something profound. But we could not think of anything profound. So instead we give you 200 things about us, things we like, or things we find interesting (in no particular order):

  1. Our Community Group
  2. The Grove Church
  3. New Life Ranch
  4. The Café on Broadway
  5. The Balloon Closet
  6. Popcorn made on the stove
  7. The Simple Way
  8. Warm, not-all-the-way-baked chocolate chip cookies
  9. The Big Picture
  10. Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me (on NPR)
  11. Car Talk (on NPR)
  12. This American Life (on NPR)
  13. Hulu.com
  14. The drama of “Hell’s Kitchen”
  15. The awkwardness of “The Office”
  16. The quick-wit & dialogue in “Gilmore Girls”
  17. Cassharrismusic.com
  18. Poolhouseblack.com
  19. Sharingseedsofhope.com
  20. Poolhousered.com
  21. NPR
  22. Kiva.org
  23. Wood stoves in the winter
  24. Coffee shops with both good non-coffee drinks and really strong coffee
  25. Baking bread
  26. Cooks illustrated
  27. Zyrtec
  28. Blueberries
  29. Fresh blackberries from behind our house
  30. Ben’s homemade pie crust
  31. Ben’s homemade blackberry cobbler….with fresh blackberries from behind our house.
  32. El Taqueria el Rancho
  33. The Wooden Spoon
  34. Little Bread Company
  35. Noodles
  36. Sam & Ella’s pizzeria
  37. Corn Casserole
  38. Tortellini
  39. Chacos
  40. The fox that lives near our house
  41. Feeding the raccoon that lives near our house (with food scraps from our kitchen).
  42. Gmail
  43. WordPress
  44. Radio Lab (on NPR)
  45. Leadville, CO
  46. Finding new music we love
  47. Brendan James
  48. Pandora.com
  49. Ben Harper
  50. Fool For Now
  51. The Listener
  52. Riding bikes
  53. Slate.com
  54. French press coffee
  55. Seth Godin
  56. Orange mochas
  57. Books
  58. The smell of paperback books
  59. Thrift store shopping
  60. Collecting coffee mugs on vacation
  61. Our friends’ kiddos
  62. Our friends
  63. Our family
  64. Acumen fund
  65. Local artists
  66. Hiking
  67. Empty Bowls
  68. Ozark Natural Foods
  69. John Brown University
  70. Truman State University
  71. Dr. Pummill
  72. Subaru Outbacks
  73. Subaru BRATs (Yes, it’s really in all caps…it’s an achronym!)
  74. Mountains
  75. Switch
  76. The Hiding Place (by Corrie Ten Boom)
  77. Cliff Bars
  78. Night (by Elie Weisel)
  79. The Chronicles of Narnia (by C.S. Lewis)
  80. Storms
  81. Tornados
  82. Cold weather
  83. Springtime weather
  84. Christmas
  85. Big family get-togethers
  86. Egg McMuffins
  87. Sausage McGriddles
  88. Toasted Ravioli
  89. Phish
  90. Live concerts
  91. Fondue (eaten every St. Patty’s Day to celebrate our engagement day & every Valentine’s Day @ our annual Valentine’s Fondue Party)
  92. Free meals
  93. Potlucks
  94. Cass’ barbecue chicken
  95. Deedra’s cinnamon jumbles
  96. Russ & Cass’ jambalaya
  97. Beth’s grandma’s German Potato Salad
  98. Cakewrecks
  99. Ben’s grandma’s chocolate chip cookies
  100. Brandi’s chocolate chip cookies
  101. Homemade pizza
  102. Etsy.com
  103. Wired magazine
  104. Portfolio magazine
  105. Real Simple magazine
  106. Relevant magazine (not the Relevant podcast though)
  107. Theysaybuild.com
  108. Facebook
  109. Twitter.com/poolhouseblack
  110. Twitter.com/new_life_ranch
  111. Copy editing
  112. Apples to Apples
  113. Taking pictures
  114. Camping
  115. S’mores (w/ Reese’s peanut butter cups)
  116. Jones’ cream soda
  117. Good design
  118. Grounds For Change (specifically Sumatra Telong)
  119. Pei Wei
  120. Cast iron skillets
  121. Sewing
  122. Making cards
  123. Fresh flowers on the kitchen table
  124. Dead flowers in vases (this is something Beth reluctantly put on the list…Ben made her b/c it’s something about us…not necessarily something we like…)
  125. Fresh Basil
  126. Garden-fresh tomatoes
  127. Common Grounds pizza sticks
  128. Monday Night Football @ the Blair’s
  129. Campus Christian Fellowship @ Truman State Univeristy
  130. Specialized bikes
  131. Dumpster diving
  132. Crank Brothers
  133. Tipping well
  134. The smell of coffee
  135. Edwards Photography
  136. Bill Bryson
  137. Fayetteville Public Library
  138. Bagels
  139. Aspens
  140. Screen Doors
  141. Screened in porches
  142. Working on project together
  143. Chicago
  144. The Great Escape video
  145. Fair Trade
  146. It’s a Wonderful Life
  147. Elf
  148. Steak and Shake
  149. Thedieline.com
  150. Clever song lyrics
  151. Banana milkshakes
  152. Fonts
  153. Kennedy Coffee Company
  154. Team building
  155. Ropes courses
  156. Traci Lettellier
  157. Sara Swenson
  158. Brand New
  159. decoys like curves
  160. Ottok
  161. Photo.net
  162. Sweet Greens
  163. Truth
  164. Love
  165. Xmen
  166. Star Trek
  167. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
  168. Acoustic Guitar
  169. Les Mes
  170. Weddings
  171. Wedding cake
  172. Smoothies
  173. The newspaper
  174. Chainlove.com
  175. The comics and Parade
  176. Get Fuzzy
  177. Dilbert
  178. Charlie Brown
  179. Pottery
  180. Michel Gondry
  181. Blue pens
  182. Sharpies
  183. Lucky Charms
  184. Brown
  185. Laptops
  186. Beth’s iPod
  187. Graduating
  188. Cooking
  189. The smell of cut grass
  190. Snow
  191. Jose Gonzalez
  192. Folk music
  193. Eastpak
  194. Toaster Ovens
  195. Hobos (hot outstanding baked outstanding)
  196. Post-its
  197. Barefoot
  198. Coupons
  199. Waterproof shoes
  200. Sweatshirt blankets

Why so many food things? We’ll return to our irregularly scheduled blogging.

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