I had seen a video or two from www.ted.com, but the other night i had some time to actaully visit the site and watch some. The vides are short, so there nice and easy to digest, but they are full of ideas and new things to think about. Im working through the ones on poverty right now (im only about 3 in…).

Cass, again

I have talked about Cass before….he is a good friend who has a lot of musical talent. He recorded some songs, is planning to start playing some shows, and is working on 2 new projects. I built a facebook page for him. If you want to here about upcoming shows and albums joining the page is a good way to do that. You can find it here.

we leave for texas in the morning for the 100 miler…the weather is supposed to be good, so it should be fun. ill let you know how it goes.

Cass Harris

Our friend Cass has some of his songs for sale on iTunes. Check out his web site www.cassharrismusic.com or search for him in iTunes. If you like what you hear pass the link on, post it on your blog, whatever…Cass also has an email list you can sign up for on his site if you want to get occasional updates about projects he is working on.

we’ll do a mid summer update soon….


Did any of you listen to episode 355 of This American Life? Its a great explanation of the current subprime/credit/etc. problems in the financial industry.

I think it is fascinating to see how much the whole thing was short sighted, and driven by a desire for more (more of lots of things, money, esteem). I also think it is really interesting how much power moving numbers around in spreadsheets has on the economy (The Economy…what is that any way…its a big nebulous force…), and how those numbers can suddenly be attached to, and impact, real people.

For me the overarching question when it comes to my limited understanding of economics is how can this be used for good? So, in this case, what if all of that energy and time had been put into finding creative and sustainable ways for people to move into homeownership that they could really afford? There might have been less money going into the coffers, but at least it would have been for good.


Brandon is running a new web site called abide. The idea is to read through the Gospels often and consistently (check out the about page for more info), and to develop a community of people discussing the words of Jesus online. Check it out if your interested at http://abide.wordpress.com. I have been trying to read along (although in reality i am always behind….).


The other night NPR had two stories that you might enjoy…

If you live in NWA this one is for you:

The other one is a really interesting story about how the Amish forgive. I think the thing that really stuck out to me was that it seems like for them forgiveness is a an act of a community. For sure, forgiveness involves an individual choice, but perhaps if we are to grieve with those who grieve, we can forgive with those who forgive as well.