“Secret Ambition”

I read a little passage in Relevant Magazine:

Your educated, your well-read, you’re postmodern – and you speak negatively of everything. Big shocker. Welcome to the elite everybody. There are literally dozens of reasons not to do any given thing. If you obsess hard enough, I’m quite certain you can devalue another’s career, the Church throughout history, fans of Michael W. Smith, the Bible, and your mother’s claim to have birthed you, but that doesn’t make anything you do productive. You have been placed on this planet to add something. Expend some energy on that. Yes, the world needs critics in order to expel as much hot air as the rest of us need to breathe, but a lifestyle of criticism will lead absolutely nowhere. If you disagree with the way something has been done in history, how about attempting to change a new way instead of knocking down those attempting the old? And here’s a buzzword for you: perspective. As in, yours isn’t the only one. Believe me, in its day Smitty’s “Secret Ambition” rocked the Casbah.

I so often find myself drifting into a critical mindset. I hope that I will be somebody who changes things, and that I will not be somebody who is critical and devaluing of people…from the waiter at the restaurant (no matter if they do a good job or a poor job), to the president of the world (whoever that is…) I hope I lift them up and am positive in their life, in public and in private. And I still like “Secret Ambition”.

So what does Beth do at camp?

I’m glad you asked! Most of you know how Ben is in charge of the communications for New Life Ranch….website, promotional videos, brochures….but lately several people have asked me what my role is at camp.

Well, I am the editor of the New Life News (the newsletter we put together for camp that gets mailed out 3 times a year), I help out on registration day (collecting health forms) and I am part of a Resident Staff Small Group for our summer staff. (Each summer staff is in a small group, and each small group is paired up with some of our Resident Staff) My small group comes up to our house for an hour each Thursday. I love it! It’s a great way for me to get involved with the summer staff that are here this summer. I remember being on summer staff and how much I looked forward to that one hour a week where I got to go into a real house, with air conditioning, and yummy snacks to just take a break from camp for awhile. It’s fun being able to be on the other end now!