Visually Managing the Eggs

We eat eggs daily around here. Some mornings we can easily consume half a dozen eggs at a single breakfast. This means we buy at least two dozen eggs at each grocery trip.

And that means at any given time there are two or three dozen eggs in our refrigerator.

And we were having trouble easily knowing which carton had been opened and should be used first.

Which often resulted in two egg cartons, both half full.

I would glance at how many egg cartons were left and think, “Oh, there are still two cartons. We shouldn’t need eggs this trip to the store.” Only to find out that one carton had 3 eggs left and the second had 5.

And we mentioned several times that this was an issue, and sort of joked that we needed some visual management in our fridge.

And finally one day I realized that there was a pretty simple fix. And we didn’t need some big process to analyze the problem and determine the best solution. It took about 15 seconds total.

So I got a Sharpie and just wrote a number 1 and number 2 on the cartons.
IMG_0195.jpgA simple step that has already alleviated frustration and confusion.

Some problems require a fairly involved process to really understand all the pieces involved in order to really find the most effective and beneficial solution. And some problems can be fixed with a quick decision and a Sharpie. Ben wasn’t even in town when I did this. There was no reason to wait until he got home, days later, add it to our agenda, discuss it at length, and then implement a solution that we mutually agreed on. We didn’t even make a Post-It for this one! (*gasp!*)

Sometimes you just need to know which egg carton to use.

One Reply to “Visually Managing the Eggs”

  1. A big giggle from this, in particular the “Some problems” paragraph! I’ve been doing this forever. Well, maybe I was closer to your age when it dawned on me as well. 🙂 We typically have a carton with HB on the end. With the price I pay for eggs, it’s a good thing we don’t go thru’ half a dozen a day.



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