Weekend to do list

We have this crazy big somewhat complicated system for keeping track of our projects. This is really helpful, but weekends are different from the rest of the week. We have more time to try to work on projects around the house and more time for family. We want to spend our weekends intentionally just like our weekdays, but using our board is to big picture for planning what we want to get done on a Saturday. We need a way to really focus and plan a couple days.

I got an idea from Personal Kanban by Jim Benson and Tonianne DeMaria Barry to make a small board out of tape on the table. It worked really well. It let us list out our to-dos for the weekend, but still keep the idea of only working on a few things at a time, and seeing progress by moving things into the done column. The only real problem was that the tape took some of the finish off the table, so we don’t do it directly on the table anymore.

How do you make your weekend intentional?



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