Start, Stop, Start

Three months ago we were feeling overwhelmed with projects, we felt like we did not know what to focus on, and we did not feel like we were making progress on anything. So we started a little experiment using post-it-notes and washi tape to make our to-dos visible, and organize their priority.

ben visible and priority

Two months ago we were feeling pretty good about the progress we were making using our new system. It was helping us see the things we had going on. We were making decisions about what to work on and making progress on our big, overwhelming, backlog of projects.

But two months does not a habit make (at least not for me), and we did not stick with it. I want to Uganda for 3 weeks, then we were in California for a week. We never got back to checking in regularly, and making sure we were using the post-it-notes to set priorities. We were right back where we started. We found ourselves not using our time intentionally, and we were stalled again (and obviously not making blog posts).

A couple weeks ago we recommitted to the system. We updated the task list, restarted somewhat regular check-ins, and started setting priorities again. We are not perfect at any of this yet, and it has taken a while to get back into the system, but there is no doubt that it makes a difference for us. For me, the most important thing is that we are deciding on an almost daily basis what is most important and working on it.

This project is not a quick fix, we can tell that it is going to take time for us to really learn how to live intentionally with the time we have but we are making progress.

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