Today I Built a Bench

I have been thinking a lot about reinvention recently. How do you reinvent and remake yourself?

I was talking to my friend Bobby about this. He said I should read about Aldo Leopold. Leopold helped develop much of today’s Environmental Ethics and advocated for nature and wildlife preservation.

But he had a pretty big reinvention in his life. As told by the editors of Wikipedia:

Early on, Leopold was assigned to hunt and kill bears, wolves, and mountain lions in New Mexico. Local ranchers hated these predators because of livestock losses, but Leopold came to respect the animals. He developed an ecological ethic that replaced the earlier wilderness ethic that stressed the need for human dominance. Rethinking the importance of predators in the balance of nature resulted in the return of bears and mountain lions to New Mexico wilderness areas.[15]

Generations later conservationist still find this reinvention meaningful:

In January 1995 I helped carry the first grey wolf into Yellowstone, where they had been eradicated by federal predator control policy only six decades earlier. Looking through the crates into her eyes, I reflected on how Aldo Leopold once took part in that policy, then eloquently challenged it. By illuminating for us how wolves play a critical role in the whole of creation, he expressed the ethic and the laws which would reintroduce them nearly a half-century after his death.

— Bruce Babbitt, former Secretary of the Interior[24]

But the bench. After our conversation, Bobby gave me a Leopold Bench. Aldo Leopold built this simple bench out of whatever scraps of wood he had available when he needed one. I am not really sure what meaning the Leopold placed on the bench, but over the years a lot of people have endued it with deeper significance than a simple bench. I wanted to do the same.

To me, the bench has meaning simply because it was a thoughtful gift from a friend, and encouragement that reinvention is possible. Leopold did it. There are lots of reinventions I want to make in my life. One of them is this idea we talk about on this blog; living a focused, intentional life. I decided I would not put the bench together until I had finished repairing our deck. There are lots of reasons it had not been done, but all of them were basically rooted in fear of a big project I did not really know how to do.

The deck is done (sort of, there is a lot to do still, but those things are for later. It is Ok for now). Putting the bench together is a symbol for me that change is possible and that I am starting out on on the process and journey of my own reinvention.

What do you want to reinvent?

2 Replies to “Today I Built a Bench”

  1. Okay, Ben (and Beth!) you have sucked me in already!! I don’t dare start reading the links about the Leopold Bench tonight. Today Jeffery, Sara’s dog sitter, who hasn’t posted on FB in, like, FOREVER, did so. His long, beautifully written post (he is an English and literature teacher, after all) lost me toward the end, and I now have some homework to do to figure out exactly what he was saying. And now, you! I’m a sucker for anything well written, and too darn curious about knowledge to be gained, to ignore links. Thank you…I guess! 🙂


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