Turning a Blank Wall into a To-do List. Just Add Post-It Notes (and washi tape)

We needed a way to keep track of our household to-do list. The various scraps of paper and online lists were not working out so well, and we were both overwhelmed with projects and tasks that never seemed to get done.

There were two big problems that our new way of keeping track of things had to solve:

  1. We can’t see our lists, so we forget about them.
  2. We don’t know what projects are most important.

We needed to have a physical place where we could see our list. It is too easy for us to forget about the list on a phone, in the Cloud, or even on a sheet of paper that gets lost in the corner of the office.

We also needed to be able to give things levels of priority. For me, if everything is important I get overwhelmed, and I do nothing. There is also a big relational component to setting priorities. Imagine this (real) conversation:

Beth: “I want to get a new couch”

Ben (in my head): “Our couch is ok, we don’t have enough money for a new couch, there are lots of other things that are more important than a new couch, our couch is long so I actually fit on it…etc.”

Ben: “yeah…..”

Ben (in my head): “we really can’t get a new couch….”

Beth may want a new couch today, or she may just want us to get one someday. I may give too much energy worrying that Beth really wants a new couch. Or Beth might be annoyed that we don’t have a new couch. Or she may not care at all, it was just passing comment. I have no idea. We don’t have a way to prioritize “new couch” among all the things competing for our time, energy and money.

Our new to-do system has to force us to set priorities.

Post-It Notes seem like a good way to make things visible in the real world. So we wrote down all of our projects and things we want to buy. We came up with three categories of priorities:

  • Not Ok – Things that are not ok right now. They need to be taken care of now. There cannot be very many of these at a time.
  • Ok – Things that are ok for now. We don’t work on these. They are ok for now. If they become more important we move them to the Not Ok section.
  • Out of Sight – things that we need to keep in mind for someday, but don’t need to take up mental space on a daily basis.

We used some washi tape to divide up the wall. Not Ok and Ok things go on the wall. Out of Sight things go somewhere else.

We try to do a quick check in every morning to see what we are working on that day, and an in-depth check in once a week. If something needs to be moved to a new priority we move it. We are not doing a great job making those check-ins really consistent, so that is an important next step.

We are already seeing some things to change for version 2.0, so more to come on how the system is working for us, and how it should change.

We are not the first to do something like this. I did not know it at the time, but our system is a really simple variation on the Agile Methodology and Personal Kanban. There are plenty of people doing similar things. For a business to succeed they have to learn how to focus entire teams on the most important things. Our small team of four has a lot to learn about how to do that for us. But we think it will be worth it to live a life that prioritizes the important things, while not neglecting the things that have to be done.

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