A farewell to Aspen.

We bid farewell to a very dear friend today. I bet many of you had met Aspen. (But you probably didn’t realize that’s what her name was.)

Aspen the Outback. (Because she loved our trips to the “real” woods & gravel roads of Colorado. And because we really like Aspen trees.)

But Aspen has been sick lately. She needs some major repairs. Like a clutch & a new head gasket. Not to mention her recent knack for getting run into/hit/vandalized just sitting in a parking lot. We bought her at 67,000 miles. Today she  hit 197,000 miles. That’s over 130,000 miles in 6 years.

And someone was willing to make us a deal, so we said goodbye to Aspen & have welcomed a new vehicle in her place.

Aspen was with us for many adventures & mishaps. Let’s take a look back…

July 2007 : Ben & Luke’s 4-wheeling adventure  // Leadville, CO

Christmas 2007 : Road Trip to Albuquerque


November 2009: Apartment parking lot hit & run


November 2010 : Break-In // Church parking lot

July 2011: Door Crunch // Church parking lot

May 2012 : helping jumpstart the Toyota

May 2012 : BB Gun: 1, Aspen: 0

The end of a chapter.

And here’s the new one:

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