Tulsa Favorites

We have lived in Tulsa for a while now, so..it seems like its time to make a Tulsa Favorites list. So, here it is. Our Tulsa Favorites:

Pizza: Joe Momma’s. I don’t know if this is really the best pizza in town (I mean, Tulsa really likes it’s Hideaway), but for us when we first moved to Tulsa it become a familiar and comfortable place for us in an unstable part of life.

Controversy: Tulsa has its controversies, the annual holiday parade debate, downtown parking, the mayors chief of staff (or head lawyer or something like that) getting his son into the fire academy, QT at 11th and Utica expansion, form based code, police corruption, Councilor Ewing making the hipsters mad, EMSA spending, etc, etc. But my favorite is the Great Trash Debate of 2012 (and before). Think about this. We pay a fairly small fee every month and some people come in a big truck and take away all the stuff we don’t want. Every week. All we have to do is carry it 30ft to the street. That’s kind of amazing to me…i think we have it easy. But change it up and the end is coming. #firstworldproblem (yeah, my blog post gets a twitter tag…)

Favorite coming soon: Beth: The Phoenix Cafe. But is it really comeing soon? Ben: New trash service.

Mexican food: Ok, I just have to say this. Whats with Chipotle being called a Mexican Grill? It’s burritos with a massive USA twist (with massive being the key word 1,179 calories, 7 g fat, 125 g carbs, 2,656 mg sodium). Do they have anything like that in Mexico?

Best Taco: Beth: salmon puffy tacos at Elote.

coffee place: I (ben) don’t drink coffee…but i spend a lot of time in coffee shops. I like Topeca at the mayo. I like being downtown, its an ok place to get work done, they dont care if i sit there for 4 hours nursing one Italian Soda, interesting people coming in and out and they have sushi. Beth has categories:

Best Coffee: Topeca
Best Place to Work: Agora
Best Place to Read a Book: CHOCS
Best Coming Soon: The Phoenix Cafe

Street: Trenton between 15th and 17th

View of tulsa: Beth likes the Pioria bridge over the BA. I like Standpipe Hill. It has history.

car window guy: His name is Glass Dude. Call Chris King for his number, just keep in on the DL and bring cash.

sushi: Yokozuna…becuse that is the only place we have been. But i have to say, sushi deliverd by model train to your table has to beat it out….

retail shop: Beth likes Made. But she is not an impartal judge. They sell her really cool cards.

You know how newspaper alwasy do “The Best of Tulsa” or something like that? I never really understood why they had suff like dentest. I mean, have all the readers gone to every dentist in tulsa (there are like 476,947 of them) to find out which is the best? I know i have been to exactly one dentist in Tulsa, so I dont really think i can pick the best one. Really it should be called “The dentist who the most uraban tulsa readers go to award” None the less…

Dentist: Mint Dental. We randomly ended up at this place when they first opened, so we sort of feel like we have a part in it, the people that own it are really nice, and they don’t complain about how i never floss, so they get huge points for that.

fitness studio: Strength of Mind and Body

Themed Dentists: Dental Depot. It’s like a train station with a dentest in it. They should get a model train to go around and deliver sushi and a new toothbrush to their customers.

eye doctor: I have actually been to 2 eye doctors in Tulsa, so i can say that there is in fact an eye doctor that I like better: Dr. Riner

Uh..thats it, im not sure why we decided to end on eye doctor, I guess its the most interesting thing we could come up with….

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