Back to Africa

This picture was taken one year ago:

Two wide-eyed Americans, armed with passports, a few shots, prayers & curiosity. Headed into a land & a people that were unfamiliar.

We returned with a good supply of African (& European) dust in our backpacks, stories of new experiences, pictures & memories of a trip that has forever changed us.

And apparently once was not enough. We are headed back. In just 2 months we will return to Ugandan soil, fresh pineapples & bananas, dusty streets filled with a perfume of exhaust & burning trash, & friends who will smile huge smiles & hug us with love & welcoming arms.

We made a short video to explain the trip & why we are going back. You can watch it here:

Trip to Jinja-QuickTime H.264 from Ben West on Vimeo.

And we need help. We have about $2000 so far! And we need $5000 more. Would you consider joining us? Gifts can be made directly to Kibo Group here: Just be sure to mark “Ben & Beth West” on your donation.

We’d love to sit down with you (or skype!) & tell you more about this trip, tell you some stories, ask you some questions. Don’t be shy! Let us know when a good time would be & we’ll set something up!

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