We have had the opportunity to visit a lot this past week with two of our friends from Uganda. Ronald & Abraham are here in the States for a few weeks & it has been really fun (& eye-opening) to watch them experience America for the first time.

It has been fun to have them here & be reminded of such a special place in our hearts. They are each doing some amazing work to bring communities together as they work with them to plant trees & dig water wells.

And as they are here I am reminded of a few things.

1) We are richly blessed with resources here. Things like running water, clothes dryers, electricity that doesn’t just shut off every other day, smooth roads, and a sort of ridiculous amount & variety of foods to choose from.

2) We eat a lot. And often. We are constantly laughing with these guys because we are taking them to the next meal & they say, “But we just ate a few hours ago-we are not even hungry yet!”

I am grateful that we have had this time with them & am really excited to go back to Jinja in September!

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