The T-shirt Blanket

So, we spent a lot of summers on staff at New Life Ranch. (Between the two of us, there were 8 summers of summer & full-time staff.) That’s one shirt for being on Summer Staff, and one shirt from the end of each summer with all the names of the staff on it. So, let’s do some math.


8 summers * 2 shirts per summer * 2 people = 32 t-shirts.


That’s a lot of shirts, folks. And I just got tired of wearing only NLR shirts all the time. Our friend Marla gave me a great idea to cut them all up & fashion a blanket out of them. So I did!


Plus a few more other “non-summer” shirts that were acquired along the way. There was one summer when I worked at NLR, but Ben went to Pennsylvania to work at a camp. It was the summer before we got married, and I wanted to be sure he remembered me & that everyone up there knew he was taken.


So I made him this:


It was fairly simple (which is good for me). I just cut out about a 1 foot square from each shirt & sewed them together. Then I found a t-shirt sheet at Target in a dark heather grey color & sewed it as the backing. No batting in the middle, no yarn ties either. (Though I considered both). I ended up sticking with SIMPLE.

And I love the way it turned out! It’s fun using it as a blanket & seeing all the shirts at once when I use it. There are SO many good memories ingrained in the fabric of these shirts. (And a lot of hard earned sweat, I might add…)

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