Free Stuff

Im trying to get rid of some things. Any of this is free for the taking. Just let me know if you want it an ill get it to you. If it involves shipping just pay me for the shipping, plus a bit for the time and materials.

Ok…here we go…

I made this box in college, it held my portfolio. Its made out of cardboard and aluminum its 14x18x6 inches. It has all thread that goes through the lid and box to hold it closed, so its not very practical, but would be cool as a gift box, prop, or something like that.


Old software:

About 200 empty CD cases. Really I have no idea why anybody would want this…perhaps conceptual art about the death of the cd or something:

Finally, a bunch of prints of some of my photography. I thought I would try to sell these, but never really put the effort into it that it takes. They are various sizes, and some of them are unfortunately glued to cardboard. Let me know which ones you want…you dont have to take them all of course. Just ignore the prices…they are free…unless you want to pay for them, I wont turn you down.

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