Christmas Day

We had a low-key Christmas this year. We stayed at home, just the two of us. Might be the first time we’ve done that in 8 years of marriage.

We talked with our families via phone & skype. And missed being with all of them. But this has been a full year for us (traveling-wise) & having just moved a few weeks ago, it has been nice to have a few very quiet days at home (and at work.)

It has been hard for me to get into the Christmas spirit this year, I think because of all the craziness of the last month. But we did do a few things to get all holly & jolly…

  • We went to see the 91st presentation of Handel’s Messiah by the Lutheran churches here in town. It’s a small presentation, but we always really enjoy the simple simplicity of it.
  • We made & decorated Christmas cookies with our small group & gave them to our neighbors. (We also ate some of them ourselves.)
  •  We continued our tradition of getting our Christmas trees with our friends the Burrys. Love those Wilkinsons!

  • We went downtown to go ice skating with some friends from our small group. There’s a really big tree down there. Really big.

  • And today after church we came home & made aebleskivers for lunch. They aren’t something we make very often, so it’s always a fun treat.

Merry Christmas!


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