Thirty Days of Thankful: Day 26

I am thankful for these tomatoes.

We planted them in the spring. And {amazingly} they survived the millions of days this summer with 100+ degree heat.

{And near misses w/ tornadoes}

{And earthquakes}

{And freezing temps at night}


They finally started producing tomatoes in September. And when it started freezing at night, we would bring them in off the porch & then put them back outside the next morning. After only a few days of this I got tired of lugging them in & out. {They are heavy!}

So I just started leaving them out there. And a few days after, I realized the tomatoes were still green. I figured they’d never ripen because it hasn’t been getting very warm {or sunny} lately. So I picked them all off, and thought about frying them up.

But they sat in the bowl on the counter for a few days before I did anything with them. And then one day, I realized they were turning red.

I’m calling these my “magic tomatoes”. They are troopers.

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