The Hiding Place

One of the things we were able to do while in Europe was visit the ten Boom house in Haarlem. There is a book called “The Hiding Place” that has been instrumental in my faith. It tells the story of Corrie ten Boom & her family. They hid Jews in a secret room of their house during WWII in Holland.

{Do yourself a favor & pick up a copy & start reading. You will not be disappointed.}

As I sat in the ten Boom living room, I was flooded with a feeling of holiness & peace & an immense sense that I was getting to breathe in a little bit of spiritual history. It really was (what I imagine) that some feel when they visit the Holy Land. And honestly, I’m not sure if it would mean any more to me to actually visit the Holy Land than it did to visit this narrow house sitting next to such a rich, story-filled alleyway.

It was an honor to get to sit in that living room where so many people’s lives have been touched by the Spirit of God to hope a little more, take another step, live in a way that honors our gracious & mighty Creator. I tried to just soak it all in, but (as I knew it would) it was over too fast.

I finished reading through the story again as we ended our time in Uganda. It will continue to be a story that I read over & over again throughout my life. Something in those pages touches me so deeply & spurs me on to live my life better, more honoring to the Lord who has given it to me to begin with.

I’m not sure that I was supposed to take this picture, but it was only after I took it that the guide told us not to take pictures of anything on the walls. And technically this wasn’t “on the wall”, it was in a case against a wall… 🙂

Corrie’s Bible.

A tangible reminder to me that this lady was real. This isn’t just a cool story. It was someone’s real life that they lived to bring hope & healing to those around them. And it encourages me so.

{And I am so grateful for other living rooms I have sat in. Places where I saw God moving among loving families. And where my faith was touched & deepened.}

2 Replies to “The Hiding Place”

  1. I’m so glad you got to visit the the ten Boom house, Beth. Like you, The Hiding Place was a very inspiring and challenging book for me. Right now, I’m reading A Path through Suffering by Elisabeth Elliot, and she references ten Boom while teaching about embracing all suffering (big and small) as a way to glorify God.


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