Obligatory Facebook Post

Facebook is of course changing, more sharing, more info, the news ticker…you know all about it. I have been thinking and reading about this some. Partly its of course a personal question. I’m on Facebook, at what level do I want to buy into these changes? I don’t do a lot on Facebook really, its a communication tool for me, so the answer is…not much at all. You probably wont be seeing a stream of music im listening to from me on Facebook. I think its more interesting though to consider the big picture. The noise level is about to go way up. If we choose to pay attention we are going to be flooded with people telling us what they are consuming, and thus in some way recommending those things to us.

This is going to cause me to tune a lot of people out, and seek out the people who are willing to regulate their own noise and only talk about truly interesting things. It seems like the ability to gain the trust of people by being discerning is going to be more valuable then ever.

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