A Grand Adventure: Part 5

Day 7

  • We drove back to Jinja on this day… a trip which wouldn’t have been complete without a little time spent fixing the brakes on the vehicle.

Day 8

  • We spent the better part of this day in the car on our way to Murchison Falls National Park. On the way there, we stopped at the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary. I had no idea that rhinos were so scarce in Uganda. In fact, there are no more in the wild, but hopefully one day that will change.
  • We were supposed to camp our first night. (In the middle of the park, surrounded by all the elephants & giraffes.) But for several reasons, that wasn’t able to happen. So at the last minute, we ended up having to stay at the lodge. And this is what greeted us as we walked into the lobby:

(Thanks to the fabulous Rachel Klemmer, who actually took this picture.)

  • Trust me when I tell you that I was really relieved to find out that we’d be staying at this really nice lodge instead of camping. Ben was disappointed that we weren’t going to actually camp.

Us with the hippos. We didn’t realize that we were literally standing in the most dangerous place for hippo viewing. Hippos are the most dangerous animals…did you know that? And standing in line of their path from the water to the land is really, really not the best place to be standing.

Thanks to Courtney Wrinkle for the photo!!!

2 Replies to “A Grand Adventure: Part 5”

  1. OH MY WORD BETHY! I always wondered what hippoes looked like when they were creeping around in the water! SO FUNNY how their big bug eyes just pop out and they blow bubbles under water! Haha so glad someone caught this moment of you all with the hippoes. Glad you didn’t get attacked by the massive creature. Although, I bet a picture or video of that would have been priceless.. but the question remains: are hippoes speedy runners? Could you have outrun them? Curious….


    1. They are actually quite fast when they get angry! We actually saw one sort of go after a lady who was walking in front of it’s path…kind of scary!


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