A Grand Adventure: Part 4

Day 4

  • We visited 2 more villages this day & talked about water wells. The first village of Kagoma had two broken wells & we got to sit in on a meeting with the village & Kibo about a plan to get the wells working again. The second village we saw was Waliio, where we were able to be there as they put the finishing touches on a well & started pumping water.

Day 5

  • It was this morning that I discovered that I have a mango allergy. (Which explained my illness from Sunday’s church service-we had also eaten fresh mangoes with our breakfast that morning.)
  • We got to spend a few hours at The Source Cafe
  • We drove about 4 hours east to Mt. Elgon, near the border of Kenya. Mt. Elgon is where the coffee that The Source Cafe uses comes from.
  • On the way there several things happened:
  1. Bobby’s Landrover overheated. Nothing a little water & manpower couldn’t fix though…
  2. One of the lodges we had booked for the night had canceled our reservation
  3. We had arrived later than we planned, and were not entirely sure that the lodge we did still have a reservation for would still have any food to serve us. (They were up on the mountain, and the food all comes from down below.)
  • We stayed the night at the Crow’s Nest, which had a pretty amazing view of Sipi Falls.

Day 6

  • We got to visit a coffee farm & see a processing facility that is working with coffee, maize (corn), & barley farmers in the area.

  • Ben took a harrowing trip to look for a coffee research facility that afternoon (I stayed at the lodge) & ended up with what sounds like a terrifying ride, sliding in the mud alittletooclose to some cliffs. The pictures look cool though!


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