A Grand Adventure: Part 3

Day 1:

  • Drove from our Guest House in Entebbe to Jinja. (We passed through Kampala, the capital city. Kampala was nuts! Tons of people & very little “personal space”.)
  • Celebrated Kibo’s 3-year-long process of receiving their NGO status with a goat roast. Bobby so graciously waited for us to get there so we could be there in person to witness the goat sacrifice. It was hard to watch, but symbolic & a special thing for them. It meant a lot that we were able to be part of this celebration. Something they’ve been working on for several years.
  • Exchanging money. $1 = about 2300 shillings. It was interesting getting used to using a different currency system.
  • Kilombera weaving factory.
  • Bujagali Falls (on the River Nile). We saw kayaker tours, and Ugandans riding down the falls on just a 5 gallon jerry can.


Day 2:

  • Visited Bulyakawi, a village our pastor, Greg, visited with weekly when he lived there. They were celebrating the 9-month mark of this village’s Mvule Tree Project. We brought them a 50 lb. bag of sugar & showed them how they could use it to make a simple rehydration solution with water, sugar, lemon juice & salt to give children that are dehydrated from diarrhea.
  • We also saw a stove being built out of banana stalks, mud from a termite mound, and a machete. A simple thing that is safer, and more efficient.


Day 3

  • We went to the church service at Jinja Church of Christ, which meets in the building that houses The Source Cafe (among many other things like one of the first lending libraries, Busoga Bible School, & a crafts shop.)
  • One of our teammates, Tim, gave the message during the service, but I (Beth) don’t remember much of it, unfortunately. I was feeling pretty sick that morning.
  • We had lunch at Ling Ling, a really good & authentic Chinese restaurant in Jinja. It’s located at a petrol station. And it used to be called the Fang Fang. (I promise I’m not making any of this up.)
  • Our team split up & spent the night in different people’s homes. We had the honor of staying with Haba (aka: Babo) & Barbara’s house. As a teenager, Babo lived with our pastor, Greg, and his family when they lived in Uganda. They were very influential in Babo’s life & developed a great friendship. Now, Babo is married & has two beautiful children. We were honored to stay with them & get to experience life in a Ugandan home.


One Reply to “A Grand Adventure: Part 3”

  1. Okay, finally getting around to reading your blog about Uganda. I went back reallllly far and have been reading for the past 30 minutes Bethy!!!! I love it. Love how simple of a writer you are. It’s so sophisticated but I love how I got to spend that night with you at your place and hear more details, hehe 🙂 I loved it! Also, i giggled out loud about the Ling Ling and Fang Fang restaraunt name! That is too funny! Love you, you are great!


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