A Grand Adventure: Part 1

Alright, so most of you know that by now we are back home, safe & sound. We have been back for what feels like a really, really long week. When I mentioned that to Ben on Friday night, he reminded me that it really HAS been a really, really long week for us.

We started our in Amsterdam on Sunday: 7 hours ahead of us here in Central Daylight Time. And I (Beth) have been feeling the jet-lag this week. Ben has been adjusting faster.

And we know that you’re itching to hear from us about what we did, saw & discovered while we were gone.

Oh, and let’s just admit that many of you are waiting to see some of Ben’s pictures/video from the trip.

So here’s how we’re going to do this: We are going to give a little highlight reel from our trip, giving you a picture of what each day looked like. But we want to know what specific things you’re interested in hearing about.

And honestly, it’s REALLY overwhelming to answer “How was your trip?” I mean, we’ve walked the African clay & the rain-soaked streets of Amsterdam (& a LOT of places in between) in the past few weeks.

So in the comments, or in an email send us your questions. What specific things we have talked about intrigue you & leave you wanting more info from us. That will help us go deeper into reflecting on this trip, and it will help narrow down that surprisingly daunting question.

So, this is us in the airport in Tulsa, getting ready to leave. Excited, and eager to get on our way.

This is a picture from our last day in Uganda with our group. That’s the Nile you see behind us.

3 Replies to “A Grand Adventure: Part 1”

  1. Hey guys! I am sure you will highlight your time with the Jackson’s! Would love to hear about camping ministry there, how it is going, and what all is going on!! SOOO looking forward to reading!


  2. Thanks, Sarah. It was SO great to see them. We will definitely include an update on them. There were 5 of us NLR alumni visiting them all at the same time!


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