So much to say…

(These reflections may be a bit out of order, but it has been hard to just sit down & write about different things from our trip. So know that I have a few quiet minutes in front of a computer to write some reflections, I will just write what comes. And when we return we will add some pictures for your viewing enjoyment.)


We saw so much during our time in Africa.


We visited a few villages, where we spent some time observing villages & meetings they were having about water well projects, building stoves out of mud & banana tree stems (very, very cool!), and enjoying some really fabulous & generous portions of traditional Ugandan dishes like posho & beans, rice & beans, & chicken. (One of the craziest things about being in the village to me was these meetings about repairing broken water wells being interrupted by cell phone rings. Apparently, even in the remote parts of Uganda they have pretty amazing cell phone coverage…) Crazy.


We saw some of daily life in Jinja & drove through some CRAZY traffic & pace of life in Kampala (the capital.) Where the most used modes of transportation are boda bodas (motorbikes or bicycles) & 15 passenger vans. (that tend to transport more than what you might think would fit in a van that size.)


And we even got to go on Safari…complete with wild animal sightings like giraffes, elephants, warthogs, hippos, and even 2 sleeping lions! Very cool.


Currently we are in Germany, staying with Brandy & Sammy-one of my college roommates. After 9 years of her living here it is wonderful to be in her home, seeing her live daily life as a wife & mother!

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