Short reflections from Uganda

We left Uganda last night…we were sad to leave. There is a lot to reflect on about our time, and lots of stories to tell…we will get to them eventually…but for now here are a few quick memories and thoughts.

I think for me one of the highlights of the trip was getting to see Kibo have a meeting with a village to figure out how to get their water well fixed. A key part of the meeting was that the proposal from Kibo was to split the cost of fixing the well, and working with the village to establish system to maintain a clean water supply. This is really what kebo is about…not so much just digging wells, but equipping people to solve.their own problems.

Another key thing about this meeting was that it was all lead by ugandens. This is a big thing to know about Kibo, they have a lot of projects and all of hem are lead by ugandens.
Another highlight…we got to spend a day at a wilderness preserve looking for lions, hippos, elephants, and other African wildlife. One elephant decided he had had enough of us, so he pushed down a small tree, trumpeted, flapped his ears, and charged toward our van. I don’t think he (she?) would have really Done anything to us, but it was scary away. Oh…we saw a hippo Chase a lady in a parking lot…that was kind of crazy.
We got to stay with Bobo and Barbara’s house. They are good.friends of the Taylor family, and it was an honor to spend an evening with them in their home.
We for to hang out with our NLR friends Nathan and kendra (and, as it turns out the Hermens as well). It was food to see the.ministry they are working on just a few hours from jinja.
I found out Bobby bought a heidelberg letterpress. That could be fun….

I still have a lot.of processing to do to try and understand and respond to everything we did and saw…its going to take a long time.

For now, we are spending.the next few days in Europe visiting some friends.

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