In Uganda

Just a quick update…

I have been taking a lot of video, and not so many pictures…but here are a few. You will mostly have to leave the descriptions up to your imagination…I need to go to bed.

Getting water…

A village….

Riding around town. This particular driver will show up again in a later post if we get to it. But until then…Greg, he sends his greetings to you and your family, as does his brother.

Working on a well. There is something really important going on in this picture…but its hard to see. Can you find it?

This one is for Greg…

4 Replies to “In Uganda”

  1. I think I figured out what’s important that’s going on! All of the Americans are sitting on the sidelines while the natives of Uganda are the ones building?! (And yes, I will admit that when I first saw the picture, I thought, “Look at those lazy Americans, sitting on the sidelines!”) 🙂


  2. Sam and Katy, your both right. In a lot of ways water is not a technical problem…digging a well (or getting somebody to pay for a well) is not that hard. The hard part is all the stuff that goes on around the well…community involvement, maintaining it, access, keeping water clean through its entire use, and other non-technical issues. So, a big part of what Kibo does is focus on those other problems, and a big part of that is that the entire well project (well…all of kibos projects really) are run by the Ugandan people.


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