While I was at school at UCA I had the chance to spend a semester in the netherlands. It was a great semester. I got to see amazing places, new cultures, and history. Being in other countries is mind expanding. I got to travel around with some awesome people who I still consider friends even if i have not talked to them in 8 years. I learned about myself in ways I never could have if i had not been in new and unfamiliar places.

I was not really sure I would ever get to travel overseas again…I figured that was an honor that would only be granted to me once. So, today, as we pack for a second trip of a life time I have been thinking a lot about travel. I really do consider it on honor to get to go to a new place. My friend Jeff at 3rd Street Clay Works gave me this the other day:

He said I should take it with me on our trip. Jeff is really excited about our trip, and I think part of why is because he understands that  it is worth going to new places just for the sake of what you will learn, that we will be changed for the better. I think that this is part of the honor of travel…that not only do you get to learn and grow, but that other people get excited about it, and hopefully some of our learning can rub off on other people.

There is a lot that I am excited about. I am excited to get to hear the stories of the people of Uganda, and to hopefully find a way to share some of those stories with our church. Im excited to see how people live, worship, and serve God in a different place and context. I hope that I get to help somebody in some small way, to point them to their Creator. But with this excitement I do feel responsibility…to be a learner, to be open, to try new things, to not bring my constructs into a new situation, to  hold people and culture in respect.

So…i am excited for the adventures that await, to see what God has for us, but I also feel the weight of what is to come, and I hope i will handle the responsibility well.

…here we go…

oh, we will try to post a couple times, but no promises.

One Reply to “Reflections”

  1. You ARE going to take the clay man, right? Pictures at different places with the little man — and take my little short term book and pass it around after you breeze through it.


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