Uganda Fundraising Update

Exciting news!

We are now only $500 short of being halfway funded for our trip! We have been given about $3000 & are almost halfway to our goal of $7000!

We feel that it is an honor that we are able to take this trip & are so excited to see what God has to show us in Africa. We leave in exactly 5 weeks! Between now & then we have some important things to do like:

  1. finish raising the other $4000 (want to help us do that? We would love to talk to you about this. Just send us an email at: bethmariewest[at]gmail[dot]com)
  2. get our Yellow Fever shots
  3. find Ben some new shorts (b/c he is down to just one functional pair!)
  4. continue to meet almost weekly with our team to learn about cultural things we need to be aware of & know what to pack, etc.
  5. keep breaking in my new hats (gotta keep that sun off my skin!)

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