10 years ago…

I had 3 months worth of my belongings packed into the back of the BRAT.


I drove into camp, Javier took my keys from me & parked my car in the middle of the ballfield & sent me away to find the other staff. Where we were immediately interviewed on video & then, before I knew it I was loading up to head back to MO at the end of the summer with a BRAT full of thrift store finds, rolls of film, a quote book, and a million memories of new friends.

It was a life-changing summer for me. And I am grateful that this was not the last thing I ever heard from Tom Graney:

From: Tom Graney
Subject: Re: summer stuff
To: “Beth Rozier”
Date: Tuesday, March 6, 2001, 8:53 AM


I hope you all had a great time in Malibu. I look forward to getting your
application, but like I said we have a lot of girls and basically all the
positions are currently taken. But ya never know! This past week I had two
girls say they aren’t able to come now. Thankfully the Lord is in control
and we can trust Him with everything!!

In His grip,


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