Uganda: coffee

It’s no secret that I love coffee.

So it’s not surprising that I get excited thinking about spending some time with coffee while we’re in Uganda. Kibo has been using locally sourced coffee in the Source Cafe, and they have some good relationships with local coffee farmers.

“Our premium Arabica coffee is grown on the Kapchorwa slopes of Mount Elgon among the Bagisu people. In Jinja the parchment from the single-origin beans is removed and only the finest are hand selected. A master roaster then roasts the premium beans to perfection, providing an exceptional experience for the lover of either a dark or medium roast coffee.

Through Direct Trade we pay local farmers competitive prices and through the quality control process, provide jobs for the underemployed in the Jinja community.

Please take a bag home and share not only rich coffee, but the story of a quality process from a vibrant people, crop to cup. In 2003, the Source Cafe began a coffee label to support the reintroduction of the rhinoceros in Uganda.”

Two of the people going with us own coffee shops in Oklahoma City & would love to help support Kibo’s efforts in Uganda by using Ugandan coffee. It is exciting to think about helping lay groundwork for coffee from Uganda to end up being served in Oklahoma City!

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