Uganda: Learn

There are lots of reasons we are going to Uganda this summer. I thought a little mini series about why we are going would be good. We will do three or four over the next few days.

In some ways the story starts here:

This is one of our first days at Garnett. This contraption is a method to hand dig wells developed by water4. We were learning how it works and testing it out on the front lawn of the church. The guy in the red is Bobby Garner. He and his wife live in Jinja, Uganda and work for Kibo Group. Got all that?

Then there is Roy:

Roy is from Uganda, and is good friends with the Taylors who used to live in Uganda, and Greg Taylor is now the pastor of our church. Roy came to visit the Taylors and we got to spend a good amount of time talking to him about Uganda. It seems like every day we met somebody who was doing something in Uganda (the Jacksons, Courtney, the random people we met at Topeca…). All of these people are involved in interesting things in Uganda. They are planting churches, developing economies, building camps, helping orphans, digging wells, and planting trees. For some reason God has pointed a lot of things in our life to Uganda.

One of my favorite songs has these lyrics:

Those who journey can easily understand,

the more they see the more they’ll learn,

the more that they will be.

So this I swear to you, and this I swear to me,

I’ll never rest till I’ve seen all I can see.

No, I’ll never rest till I’ve seen all i can see.

– Brendan James read the full lyrics here. Its worth it.

There are times when I think I live those words, and sometimes I don’t. But they do sum up a lot of why we want to go to Uganda. Simply to learn. To learn how other people live, to learn how God is glorified in other cultures, to see how people lives can be impacted by planting a tree, harvesting coffee, or loaning them a book. It’s a long plain ride, but we think that it is worth it to understand the stories and lives of other people.

We have a few details about the trip: We will be in Uganda for about 13 days, and there are 8 (I think…) of us going. The trip is at the end of July. We will spend most of our time in Jinja, but will travel around a bit (more on that in a later post).

We don’t know the exact budget yet, but it is a significant amount of money (around 6 – 7 thousand dollars). Right now, for me this is the part of the this that is weighing on me most. I know God will provide the funds it takes for us to do this, but right now its hard to see. We are raising the funds to do this from people who are willing to give. If you want to help this all be possible through your finances just go to for info, if you do give just put our names in the memo line or purpose line.

There is a lot we have to do to get ready for all of this (like get a bunch of shots), so we covet your prayers that we will be able to continue to be effective in the things we do on a day to day basis and also be able to prepare spiritually, physically, financially, emotionally, and whatever other allys there are.

Ok, thanks for reading! Ill post about Beth’s all time favorite drink next time…and how our trip to Uganda ties into this hot, black, slightly acidic drink.

Oh, one last thing, if your world geography is not so strong (like mine) Here is the map (I know Ryan does not need this, but some of us do):
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One Reply to “Uganda: Learn”

  1. Great thing your doing for our communities am happy that you care for ugandans and you bring students here for charity, am Kabati Destreet the founder of Destreet Art foundation, am a talented community visual artist and i do love to always get involved in mobile ARTS project voluntarily and i work sole mostly on trips but as well i have talented guys who i stay with in my project house gallery in Kampala. but also work in Jinja since this is where i grew up from. i read about your target for eastern Uganda and its really a great idea and if i can get involved to help in any way i will be happy, You can pass around and check on our art project gallery in Kampala with the students and for any guidance needed it will honestly be no charge , my contact numbers are +256 779 339911 and 0791 002955
    Email :
    Website:., am still building it,please reply Thank you.


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