Life Update

There is a lot going on in our lives right now…so, it seems like a quick update is in order.

Lets see…where to start. I guess that if you want to summarize life right now it would be “without margin.” There are phases of life when you have extra time, extra money, extra capacity, and extra emotion…you have margin to absorb the unexpected.  And sometimes you don’t. Right now is a don’t time. Between lots of projects, some car troubles (anybody have a standard transmission for a 2000 outback they want to throw our way? or a new engine…that would be nice to), lots of work, getting ready for our big trip this summer,  and lots of busyness I have to say we are stretched thin.

If I’m honest times like now are when I am tempted to wish we had stayed at NLR…for various reasons life is simpler by far at camp. But, I know God has us on a path that calls for thin times, we just have to be wise in navigating those times, which I hope we are doing.

The big thing going on right now for me (Ben is writing this…) is that i have been doing a lot more freelance work. A year or so ago when we finished the CML Beth and I talked a lot about me taking on more freelance work, with the idea that eventually that is all I would do, perhaps even with some people working for me as a small company. So, while working part time at the church I put up a website and started working on projects for people.   I have been staying as busy as I want to with all sorts of projects, which has been really fun. So, this week I am taking the next step on that journey. Staring this week I will be working even less at the church so I can do more design and video work. In a lot of ways this is scary…it means that I have to go out and find work, it means that we wont have steady income (remember the margins thing….), it means that I have to be disciplined with my time, and I have to push myself to sell what I do. There are a lot of challenges to all of this! But, in the end I believe God has given me a set of gifts and talents that will let can let me help non-profits, camps, ministries, and small businesses be more effective. So, we are diving in. I blog about this stuff sometimes on my other blog if you want to know more about what I am doing.

The other big thing besides church stuff we are still involved in is CQMissional. CQMissional is the non-profit that set up or internship at Garnett and ran the CML that we were part of. The actual programs the CQMissional runs now are different, but it is still working in Tulsa to help people learn how to work to make the world better. Beth is very involved in the day to day work of CQMissional doing a lot of admin and coordination for the programs, as well as the basic ground work that it takes to start a new non-profit.

That seems like enough life update for now…

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