Our Upcoming Adventure

You know how sometimes something just keeps coming up until you can’t not pay attention to it anymore? In some ways, that is where our story begins…

We have been feeling the tug to visit Uganda for awhile now. Since we moved to Tulsa, actually. Remember this?

From our pastor here at Garnett who lived there for 8 years, to the Perspectives course, to other friends that are living in Uganda now. You know how something like this just keeps coming up in conversations & connections all around you? Well, that’s what Uganda has been for us.

We’ll be traveling with a ministry called Kibo. (www.kibogroup.org) We both feel that Kibo has done some amazing work in Uganda, and that they’ve been doing it the “right” way. (Sustainable work that empowers Ugandans to take over roles in the ministry, so that they can bring about change in their own country.) One of the things that most impresses us with Kibo is the way they have been involved in ministry with the intent to really involve Ugandans all along. And now, almost 15 years later, it is working! Almost all of their work is being handled by Ugandans now, with minimal involvement by the Americans. We are excited to be able to go & reconnect with people we’ve met that have visited the states recently, and also meet some new people. To see another way of life-very different than ours here…and to see God’s work in the lives of these beautiful people.

We’d appreciate your prayers as we make plans for this trip… dates, travel arrangements, things to see & experience while we’re there. We will do several posts in the coming days about our plans, how you can support us financially (plain tickets are expensive!), and what we will be doing. Thanks for being part of our lives!

3 Replies to “Our Upcoming Adventure”

  1. Ben and Beth,

    This is suh-weet. Will be praying for you guys in the coming days…

    You are right on about sustainable, hands-off missionary work being the “right” way. I leave in two weeks from today for Haiti. The guy we work with is a good friend and he is all about helping the Haitians learn to not rely on our aid…we will provide it, and then train them to take it over. Much of our trip is dedicated to that.

    So sweet. Keep us posted!


    1. Thanks Brandon. We really are excited to see some good models of empowering people….there is a lot for us to learn!

      Have fun on your trip. I hope it goes well.


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