From the Silent One

It seems that Ben has been posting much more than I have lately.

I thought I’d share a few pictures from our life recently.


This shows two things I’m loving right now. (And honestly, I have been for awhile now.) Topeca coffee and Tulsa.

I’ve been spending every spare moment (of which there are not very many) finding new supplies for my cards & increasing my inventory. Leah & I are vendors at the Dogwood Festival this year! Also, a good friend of ours is opening up a retail store in Fayetteville called “The Moustache Goods & Wares“. And he wants to sell my cards there! More details on this fun opportunity soon. For now, a few treasures I recently rescued from the dusty shelves of a thrift store.

Anyone recognize this? It should be familiar to some of you. It’s a carabiner that we gave away as the favors at our wedding…almost 8 years ago! I’ve been using it on my key ring since then, and was really sad when it broke a few weeks ago. Thankfully we still have a few left! (Now I’m sporting a green one.)

I apparently have this thing for old, funky green chairs. You can’t really see the green color of this one by this picture, but you can see the awesome flower pattern. (I rescued this beauty from Wagon Inn before it was torn down!)

And this is one of my “to-do” lists. (I have several.) This one is on one of those really large pieces of memo board paper that you can stick on your wall-like a really HUGE post-it note. I get great satisfaction from taking the thick sharpie & marking things off the list.

So there are a few snapshots for you of life around here lately. Things are ridiculously busy…but really good.


4 Replies to “From the Silent One”

  1. My favorite: Where are Beths business cards – in the office. hahaha!

    & how old is that list? it says Meals for 2010! It is 2011! 🙂
    Miss you guys like CUH RAY ZY!



  2. I’m so glad to “hear” your voice. 🙂

    I’m also so happy to hear about all the upcoming activity on your cards. I hope you’ll put up photos from the festival.


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