On Worship

Several weeks ago the staff at Garnett Church of Christ was prayed over by Blueflame47. Basically we were just all in a room together, there was music and we were all individually praying, occasionally somebody from Blueflame would come to us with a message, vision or prophecy the Spirit had given them. I am sort of a cynic about this sort of thing, but, because of some specific experiences I have had in the past I know not to ignore what people tell me in situations like this.

There were several ideas revealed to me, one person told me that I was created to build and to make things. I think this is true. I don’t build in the traditional sense of hammer and nails (although I do wish i could do more of that), but I do create, and I do want to help organizations and businesses build their capacity to act redemptivly in the world. So, I think it is a good metaphor for what I want to do in life.

A few days later I was sitting at a table in Cafe Mosaic. I was writing some ideas about marketing for Greg to use in some Challenge Quest training. I was just doing what I do. Writing ideas out and hoping they would be helpful to somebody. Blueflame was going to have a prayer and worship service in that space that evening, so while I was working they were coming in and setting up their PA and getting ready. I was still sitting working when they started their service. Service is not really the right word, really it just muisc and people praying, singing a little, dancing, whatever their act of worship is. It struck me that despite my lack of praying and signing i was just as much a part of worship as they were. I am sure that many of those in the room with me were created to be prophets, to spend time in God’s places and to reveal his word to those around them. I on the other hand was not created for that. I don’t have some sort of mystical crazy close connection to God, I have rarely if ever felt like God has revealed something directly to me in strong ways. But, I was created to build, that is my act of worship. And there I was, in a room of people doing what we were created for. I just happened to have a computer in front of me.


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