Life Update

As promised…a life update.

Well….its been snowing….a lot.

A couple weeks ago we took a short trip to OKC. We started at the whale….

and drove 66 to OKC. We try every year to take a weekend away and do some planning (thanks Russ), just looking at where we are in life, marriage, finances, life goals, stuff like that. Then make some plans and goals for the next year. It was a good weekend. We got to spend a lot of time together, and got to visit some OKC places like The Full Cup, Cuppies and Joe, Joe’s Addiction, and Shop Good.

And we visited the round barn…

We are still working at Garnett Church of Christ doing various things. I mostly work on web/print/video stuff, but I am also trying to do some long term strategic stuff, like helping to rebuild the tech team, find good planning system, and find a good member database/communication system. I know that sounds like about the most interesting thing you could possibly do, but i actually think its kind of fun.

Recently we hosted the African Children’s Choir:

If you ever get a chance to see one of their show go.

Beth has been working a lot for Chris at CQMissional. She can make a post about that sometime.

I have been doing a lot of freelance work, which I am really enjoying. Ill blog about it more some other day, i talk about it some on my other blog, If your interested. In big news though i actually made myself a business card last night and sent it to the printer. Now i just need a web site.

Beth got a letter press machine:

And i helped set up a balloon drop at the casino…

Random, yes, but that is what happens when your friend owns The Balloon Closet.

I guess one of the big things that has been going on is our small group. We had a great small group in Siloam, and we miss them a lot. Finding a new community of people takes time, so it has been really cool to start having some people around here that we can hang out with, share life, play games, and be friends.

That is about enough life updating for now. But in the spirit of posts all about us…


and clean up…

(for the record, that omelet was not very good…i sort of overcooked it.)

2 Replies to “Life Update”

  1. I love the African Children’s Choir! I had heard of them a few years ago and saw them in Tampa a year or two ago… what talented kids!!


  2. Ben – I have used CDMplus or Suran Systems at the last church. It is very good. Membership, Accounting.
    They had a booth at the Tulsa Workshop last year and Memorial Drive uses that systems. I worked with the Accounting part and some membership.


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