Blogs are Dead, Long Live the Blog

Back in ancient times the blog was declared dead Of course, others disagree. I think it all depends on goals and context.

That said, this blog has fallen (once again), into neglect. There are lots of reasons for this, lack of discipline, facebook, twitter. I do at times find it strange to write a post about my life…im not funny, a best selling author, and i dont write about interesting stuff, so im not sure why people read, yet they do.

So, im going to continue doing personal updates (in fact, the next post will probably be an update), but i also want to start being a bit more reflective, just reflecting on tings that are going on around me. I think it is good for me to develop an idea in writing and put it out where people can see it. This is really just a good practice for me in terms of discipline. So, we will see how it goes, i want to expand the things i write about, marketing and business stuff will mostly stay on my other blog. This one will be more life stuff, probably not to controversial (although, next year when the Tulsa Holiday Parade rears its tinseled head…). We will see how it goes.

Of course, this is a two author blog, so Beth’s post will of course be mixed in as well.

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