Old Camera Seeks New Home

I recently bought a new camera. I don’t need my old one any more, and really its not very useful to me anyway. It has a few problems, so i want to find a new home for it. Make me an offer and its yours. If your interested in it read this whole post! Remember Caveat emptor from way back in high school civics? It applies!

So, here are the stats:

Nikon D70 Body only (no lens)

battery, charger, strap, 2 1 gig compact flash cards (more on these later), nikon capture 4 and camera control, manual.

The problems:

I don’t know exactly what is wrong with the camera. It has some sort of issue writing to the memory card. It takes pictures fine, but they are corrupt when copied from the card to the computer (and sometimes you cant copy them at all, its like the files don’t exist, or the memory card cant be read). It actually seems to work fine on my mac, but not on several PCs I have tried. So, there is something wrong, but it might be that if you have a mac it wont matter. The two memory cards that are included might be bad (well…one I am sure is bad…I even wrote bad on it). However, it still has the same problem with a brand new card. So, bottom line is that you cant really use it to just take pictures with and copy them to your computer.

The Good:

Other then that (sort of critical!) problem it works great. Its old and well used (honestly this camera is a testament to the durability of the D70, it has been through a lot of years as a camp workhorse camera which means heat, humidity, dust, water, ropes courses, hiking, thousands and thousands of pictures…it served me well). It has some wear on the body, but nothing is broken. I had the shutter rebuilt several thousand pictures ago, but i have not had any issues with it recently.

So, why do I think anybody might want a camera that does not write to the memory card? Well…there are lots of people who like to make things work. If that is you then perhaps you can figure out what is wrong and how to fix it. Or you might need some spare parts for your old D70.

But really there is something you can use it for. It still works fine if you shoot tethered to your computer. If you have a computer that will run Nikon Capture and Camera Control 4 (it works on XP, i know it does not work on newer mac os, im not sure about vista and windows 7) you can plug the camera into your computer by USB (you will have to get a USB cable…its just one of those standard digital camera small USB plugs) and when you take a picture it will copy directly to the hard drive. You can actually control the camera from the computer, which is kind of freaky. So, for example if you wanted to do a time-lapse of something you can hook the camera up to your computer and tell it to take pictures at a specific interval. Or if you sell stuff on ebay or something and want to have a camera set up for product shots it would work for that as well.

So…i know that there are very few real uses for this camera, but i figure if somebody out there has a really specific need and my trusty D70 can have a second life its worth a blog post.

If your interested make on offer and its yours, just email or leave a comment or whatever.

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