On Playing in the Mud

For a long time I have thought that it wold be fun to learn how to throw pottery on a wheel. It’s kind of amazing that you can get some mud and suddenly it becomes a bowl. Turns out its a bit harder then that (goes more like this: get some mud, put it on the wheel, can’t get it centered, finally get going, mess up, start over, repeat. Make something you like, wait for it to dry, trim, wait for it to dry, fire in kiln, glaze, fire in kiln, hope it does not crack). I have been taking classes for a several months. I have actually made some real stuff:

I am really enjoying learning to throw, the process is good for me. It’s creative and does not involve a computer, its something i can practice and hopefully get good at…and its kind of like being a kid again.

There is actually a lot to write about the place where I am taking classes: 3rd Street Clay Works, it is a unique place with a lot of talented people. Ill write about it sometime….but for now I have other work to do. There is a post on my other blog about some marketing ideas for the studio if your into that kind of stuff.

By the way, 3rd Street has a retail gallery, if your looking for Christmas presents and want some unique handmade stuff you should drop by. The address is 1001 East 3rd Street, Tulsa. Say hi to Jeff (the owner), im sure he would be glad to give you a cup of coffee and talk a while. He might even convince you to come play in the mud.

3 Replies to “On Playing in the Mud”

  1. Wow, that looks great! I’ve been interested in trying that myself for a while but haven’t found a place or had the time. Maybe someday. I bought a few handmade mugs recently and really like using them.

    I like the colors and textures you’ve got there, and nice photos too.


  2. Thanks John. If you ever get a chance to learn to throw you should…i think you would really enjoy it. And, you have such a great understanding of form you would be really good. I know there are some teaching studios in NWA.

    By the way, i have been enjoying seeing the stuff you are learning in wood. And that traveling store you are making is going to be amazing when its done.


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