A Life of Fear

I don’t want to live a life of fear. In general I don’t. I do have parts of my life that have fear. I fear rejection….i fear that people dont think well of me. Sometimes those fears lead to a fear of trying new things, particularly things I don’t think i will be good at. It also leads to fear of challenging peoples actions and ideas.

Of course events can lead to fear. Our car was recently broken into, a couple of CDs are gone, and a couple hundred dollars for a new window. But now every time I park somewhere I am wondering if somebody is going to break in again. Today i parked in the exact same spot where it got broken into last time. I had just picked up a new wireless router and it was in the back seat. My first thought was that I should bring it inside so it would not get stolen if somebody broke into our car. Thats crazy! Two weeks ago I would never have thought of that. but now its on my mind a lot. Its a small thing, but i dont want to live life looking out for the next bad thing that is going to happen. I want to assume the best of the hundreds of people who drive through our parking lot everyday.

I left the router in the car…but i have to admit I am kind of worried about it.

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