Welcome to the city…again.

Yesterday i walked out of the office at church to find this:

So..yeah…somebody just walked through the parking lot in broad daylight and smashed the window of our car. The pay off was huge for them. Im sure whoever it was will enjoy The Stringcheese Incident and The Listener  CD they took. And that tape deck adaptor from 1996 will come in handy!

This kind of stuff is super frustrating…time and money gone for nothing. I mean really, i would have let you listen to my cds if you had just asked!

The best part is that we did not even make it a year before we are having to fix (and pay for!) our car because somebody was mean.

I am looking on the bright side. While filling the police report I noticed that we need to renew our tags this month. If somebody had not smashed our window i might not have noticed. Then we would have gotten a ticket and thats not fun.

2 Replies to “Welcome to the city…again.”

  1. I don’t get it! Why do people break into cars and steal things at a church?? I had my GPS stolen (and a cross necklace I hung from my rearview mirror–what??) a few months ago at church. Just…why?


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