A Bike Ride

Yesterday i thought it would be fun to go on a bike ride (just to set the stage, we live on the second floor, my bike lives upstairs in the laundry room)…so i geared up…shorts, shirt, helmet, shoes, gloves, sunglasses. Walked out the door, got to the bottom of the stairs…no bike. Really, i walked downstairs without my bike…to go on a bike ride. So I went back up to get my bike. Water is nice to have on a bike ride so I grabbed a water bottle and filled it up. Walked out the door back downstairs, still no bike. At least I had my water bottle now. Back up the stairs. This time i made it out of the house with my bike…but really…i walked all the way down without my bike 2 times….in all my bike gear….to go on a bike ride.

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