1 year

I created this as part of my Final Project for our CQ Missional 10-month internship. Today marks 1 year of living in Tulsa for us, & that seemed worthy of a little reflection.

It’s nearly impossible to sum up a year like we experienced in mere words…that’s why I used pictures for my Final Project. I wanted to mark today as special, so after church I walked across the street to Chimis, paper in hand, & satisfied my craving for Mexican food. And as I walked back home I was struck by a couple of thoughts.

1) I LOVE seeing the skyline from that Chimis parking lot. Love it. It’s maybe one of my favorite views of the city.

2) One year ago, after a long day of moving all of our belongings to the city, we went to dinner with some friends at Chimis. I remember feeling very odd that after a very normal moment of, “Hey-let’s go grab some dinner,” we just walked across the street & were at a restaurant. “Hey-let’s go grab some dinner,” usually involved a 15-minute drive into town. Walking home from that meal felt like we were staying at a hotel somewhere on vacation. Where you settle in to your room, and then walk across the street to a restaurant. And today, as I made that same walk, it felt fairly “normal.” I kind of like that.

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