City Living

So, remember how we mentioned that we really love living in the city? Well, we do. For the most part.

Not so much last night when they turned off our water at 8pm & proceeded to dig up the street right in front of our house to try to fix some sort of water pipe problem. But that part wasn’t so bad, really.

It was at midnight when they started digging up the pavement with a backhoe. And continued to do that until at least 2am. That’s when I finally was able to fall asleep. Do you know what that sounds like? Basically they were using the backhoe as a sledgehammer. Which is not really a pleasant sound in the middle of the night.

This morning the water is back on, the street is mostly put back together, and there is a giant hole in our front yard.

(This isn’t meant to be a “complaining” post…  just a “we’ve been wanting to blog more often & well, this is something significant to tell you about” post.) Honestly, I’m grateful for those guys who were out there working all through the night-away from their families & probably really frustrated that they couldn’t find whatever they were looking for.

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