Help me find some movies

I am working on a little project for church where we are going to illustrate some specific themes from the Bible using short movie clips. Want to help me think of good scenes to use? I’m going fo un-obvious. For example, i will not use The Passion for the crucification…but a complex Christ character would be great (say the green mile). Here are the chapter names and the focus that i am looking for:

  • The Beginning of Life as We Know It (creation)
  • Deliverance (exodus and moses)
  • New Commands and a New Covenant (moses and the law)
  • The Battle Begins (joshua and invading the promised land) – ok, i might go a bit obvious on this one…it hard to pass up the lord of the rings for beginning battles.
  • From Shepherd to King (david)
  • A kingdom Torn in Two (the division if israel)
  • The Return Home (ezra)
  • The Birth of the King (Jesus)
  • No Ordinary Man (jesus)
  • The Hour of Darkness (jesus crucifixion)
  • The Resurrection (jesus)
  • New Beginnings (early church and pauls journey)
  • The End of Time (2nd coming, etc)

Any ideas? Let me know the movie and the scene you are thinking of.

2 Replies to “Help me find some movies”

  1. One Night With the King – I am thinking of the scene where Esther risks her life to save her people, when she goes before the king without an invitation. The entire movie is amazing, but if I have to pick one scene … that’s it… unless I think of another one later.


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