Dry Bones

We spent the last week of August with some incredible people, in some incredible places.

We had the opportunity to go with a handful of the youth at Garnett to visit Dry Bones Denver. We got to experience the mountains in a whole new way this time around. {And yes, we still left saying, “Why don’t we live here already???”}

The first part of the week was spent backpacking around Arapaho National Forest [Englemann Peak 13,362 feet]. We hiked in on the first day & camped, hiked a little farther the second day & set up camp, summitted the peak the third day and hiked all the way back down the fourth day. It was wonderful to be in such a beautiful place-surrounded by mountain peaks.

And the second part of the trip we spent in downtown Denver. Dry Bones is a pretty unique ministry. They focus on befriending the street kids [homeless youth-ages 12-30ish] of Denver. They provide some meals, and can help people find things they need [a backpack, a sleeping bag, an ID, an apartment, etc.] but that isn’t their focus. Their focus is to befriend the street kids [what they call themselves] & let them know that they are there for them. Part of our time was spent bowling with them, and taking them to a movie. Giving them some opportunities to experience “normal life” for a little bit.

It was a blessing to be around the Dry Bones staff & to see them simply walking around the downtown area & giving the street kids a look in the eye, a smile, and the time of day. And a challenge for us to find ways to interact & love the people we see on the streets each day.

Here are some pictures from our week. We didn’t take many pictures of our time downtown-partly because we were “on the go” the whole time, and partly because we wanted to be sensitive to those who may not want their pictures taken. But if you visit the Dry Bones website you’ll see some of the same faces we saw & will be able to read about (or watch) some of their stories.

With our packs on Day 1:

At the top of Engelmann Peak:

Ben in his element (mountains):

Beth in her element (mountains + french press coffee):

The whole gang:

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